[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (2023)

Dungeons & Dragons, like other games, has a set of rules that players must follow to live their best lives and take on the roles of famous heroes. It emphasizes collaborative storytelling heavily.

The dungeon master oversees the game, handles the creatures and non-player characters, and recounts the narrative while the other players fill out their character sheets and role-play adventurous characters like an elf warlock or dwarf paladin.

Choosing a combination that can both hold its weight and be pleasant may be difficult considering the vast array of races, classes, feats, and general ideas available.

No character is a terrible character because of bound accuracy as long as you maintain those significant ability scores, however, some players like to optimize as a means of amusement, and like all other playstyles, this is also legitimate.

We have compiled a list of some of the most potent builds for destroying evil and becoming wealthy at the same time after exploring dark dungeons, defeating hazardous dragons, and surviving a dungeon inside of a dragon!

Buckle up and go over to the adventurous guild because tonight we'll be sharing our top 25 builds for 5th edition D&D!

Make sure your table is open to using multi-class rules and feats because we'll be using stuff from various supplements.

25. The Big Surprise

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This here build is designed for players who like the exotic, the weird, and the wonky, for we’ll go from a small, seemingly harmless fairy to a colossal titan capable of suplexing dragons!

What we need is to pick Fairy as our starting race and then level up to 5th level as a Rune Knight fighter. By activating our Giant’s Might and using our daily use of enlarge, we’ll become huge, lightly armored warriors!

What the Big Surprise Excels in

  • Thanks to our innate flight speed, the big surprise can become a huge, mobile tank capable of picking up foes and dropping them from above.
  • Since we’ll become huge, anything from Gargantuan or smaller can be shoved and grappled by us!
  • By mixing our giant’s might with the enlarged spells, we’ll be adding some extra damage die to every attack.

Full Build Details:

Race: Fairy.

Class: Fighter (Rune Knight)

Stats: Strength > Dexterity > Constitution > Everything else.

Feats: Grappler & Mobile.

Equipment: Light Armor & Shield.

24. The Arcane Piercer

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (2)

Have you ever dreamt of turning your foes to dust? Well, that’s what the arcane piercer excels in just that.

Just think about it: A divine scion, selling their soul to an extraplanar entity, and studying hard can spell real trouble.

By starting as a Fallen or Protector Aasimar, we’ll get the ability to add our level as either necrotic or radiant damage to our spell’s damage.

Additionally, by multiclassing Hexblade Warlock and Evocation wizard, we’ll have enough features by the 12th level to add our level, intelligence & proficiency bonus to our spell’s damage!

What the Arcane Pierce Excels in

  • While it’s a bit of a late bloomer, by the time you engage this build, very few foes will be capable of withstanding your fury.
  • By multiclassing Hexblade, not only will you get more spells, but also the ability to use up to medium armor (something a wizard couldn’t do) and wield martial weapons.

Full Build Details:

Race: Aasimar (Fallen or Protector).

Class: Warlock (Hexblade) + Wizard (Evocation)

Stats: Intelligence > Charisma > Dexterity > Everything else.

Feats: Spell Sniper & Warcaster.

Equipment: Medium Armor & Shield.

23.The Horned Stallion

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Piercing the hearts of your enemies left and right as you gallop through the field of battle is just another Monday for the “Horned Stallion”.

This build focuses on making the best of the Cavalier fighter subclass from Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

The Lance can be wielded one-handed when mounted and it has reach. This means that, if your game uses feats, you can combine Dual Wielder with Mounted Combatant to dual-wield lances on horseback…with advantage!

Cavaliers excel at mounted combat, something that we’ll enhance by picking up the Mounted Combatant feat at level 4, now, whenever you charge towards a foe you’ll not only have advantage, but also bring the full brunt of your attacks on them.

Since fighters get so many feats, at level 6 you could pick up the Piercer feat to become unparalleled at skewering your foes!

What the Horned Stallion Excels In.

  • Riding a steed to battle means that you can traverse larger distances in a shorter amount of time. ¡No foe will be too far to strike!
  • Since most mounts will be large animals, you’ll get advantage on your attacks against foes smaller than your ride, increasing your chances to hit.

Full build details:

Race: Human (Variant)

Class: Fighter (Cavalier)

Stats: Strength > Everything else.

Feats: Dual Wielder & Mounted Combatant.

Equipment: Heavy armor & two lances.

22. The Lord of Beasts.

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (4)

Traipsing through the forest with a troupe of animals in tow, our druid leads the denizens of the natural world in their quest to guard the primeval spirits of the land.

The “Lord of Beasts” is a fun build that makes the most of the Circle of the Shepherd from Xanathar's Guide to Everything to summon beasts and fey to swarm the field of battle.

This build focuses on controlling several summons while supporting the party, so make sure to come prepared before playing this battlefield controller.

What the Lord of Beasts Excels in.

  • Bringing forth the might of totem spirits, the Lord of Beasts supplies the party with buffs that push them past their normal limits.
  • Rather than a damage dealer, you’ll become a commander of beasts which leads summons to swarm your foes into submission.

Full build details:

Race: Tortle

Class: Druid (Shepherd)

Stats: Wisdom > Everything else.

Feats: War Caster & Resilient

Equipment: Medium armor & Shield.

21. The Punisher.

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (5)

The “Punisher” makes the most out of the Oath of Vengeance from the Player’s Handbook by capitalizing on the paladin’s damage potential and the 1-minute advantage granted by the Vow of Enmity feature.

Even though they lack the Two-Weapon Fighting style from their list, paladins more than make up for it with the massive damage their Divine Smite feature grants them.

Since Divine Smite requires you to hit, increasing your number of attacks also increases the number of times you can deliver radiant punishment upon your foes, and, thanks to your heavy armor, you can withstand as much as you can give.

By taking the Oath of Vengeance at level 3, we can pick out a foe, more than likely the boss, to be the receptacle of our fury. By taking the Vow of Enmity all of our attacks against them are done with advantage for 1 minute!

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As if that weren’t enough, Fallen Aasimars get the Necrotic Shroud feature at level 3, letting them add their level as extra necrotic damage on the first blow they land.

What the Punisher Excels in.

  • The combination of a 1-minute advantage, divine smite and the aasimar racial feature makes the “Punisher” one of the heaviest-hitting warriors in the land.
  • Thanks to the paladin’s Hit Die, the lay on hands feature, and heavy armor proficiency, you’ll become extremely hard to take down if you play your cards right.

Full build details:

Race: Aasimar (Fallen)

Class: Paladin (Vengeance)

Stats: Strength > Constitution > Charisma > Everything else.

Feats: Dual Wielder & Touch

Equipment: Heavy armor & Two one-handed weapons.

20. The Occult Sniper.

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (6)

With their soul on the line because of a debt, our warlock has perfected their ability to shoot down foes from afar. They want nothing more than to keep their spirit intact, and no one is too far from their grasp.

This build is a bit wackier than most, focusing on staying as far away as possible from the actual fight to deliver death upon unsuspecting foes by maximizing our Eldritch Blast damage.

What the Occult Sniper Excels in

  • Rather than relying on high AC, the Occult Sniper’s best defense is the fact that it participates in combat way outside its opponent’s reach.
  • Shining where others struggle, you will never have to worry about hitting an opponent far away, you relish it!
  • Unlike most combat-oriented builds, you only need to worry about increasing your Charisma.

Full build details:

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Warlock (Fiend)

Stats: Charisma

Feats: Spell Sniper & Lucky

Equipment: Light armor.

19. Non-Eldritch Knight

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (7)

If the appropriate feats are chosen, this class combination can be one of the most powerful.

The character will have the fighting prowess of the fighter class together with the capacity to cast arcane spells of the sorcerer class, which is the first and most evident perk.

As long as the character has sorcery points available, they can use all of their attacks while still performing a spell with a casting time of one action if the Quickened Spell meta-magic option is selected.

For the benefit of the additional armor and weapon proficiencies, it is advised that the character begin as a Fighter.

What the Non-eldritch Knight Excels in

  • The battle master archetype is arguably one of the most fun fighter subclasses to play, you get the ability to make melee combat more tactical.
  • By strapping on a shield and heavy armor, you’ll have a base AC of 18, and this can only get better once you gain levels in sorcerer and get access to spells like shield, blur and so on.
  • Unlike the Eldritch Knight, you can get up to 17 levels in sorcerer, giving you access to 9th level spells.

Full build details:

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Fighter (Battle Master) + Sorcerer (Storm)

Stats: Strength > Charisma > Everything else

Feats: War caster & Resilient

Equipment: Heavy armor, shield and a one-handed melee weapon.

18. The Assault Jet

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (8)

The Aarakocra's ability to fly complements the skills of a Ranger who specializes in long-range combat.

With this character build, the Sharpshooter/Crossbow Expert combo also performs well.

The character now can reach injured party members on the battlefield swiftly and heal them thanks to the combination of an Aarakocra hunter and a Zeal Cleric.

Additionally, the Zeal Cleric class will increase the number of attacks and offer devastating area-of-effect spells that may now be launched from above.

Zeal clerics get a fireball bonus spell at the fifth level, and at the second level, they can choose whether to use their Channel Divinity skill to do the most fire or lightning damage possible.

What the Assault Jet Excels in

  • Range and height are one of the most common obstacles in battle. By boasting the game’s best flight speed available to players, you can get in and out of hairy situations better than anyone.
  • Thanks to hunter’s mark, colossus slayer, and your now increased number of attacks per round, you can rapidly whittle down any foe.

Full build details:

Race: Aarakocra

Class: Ranger (Hunter) + Cleric (Zeal)

Stats: Dexterity > Wisdom > Everything else

Feats: Sharpshooter & Crossbow expert

Equipment: Light armor & Heavy Crossbow.

17. The Lord of Thunder

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (9)

The Order of Scribes wizards concentrates on changing the fundamental characteristics of the spells they perform, particularly the damage kinds. When they cast a spell, they have the option to switch the damage type to one of their other spells of the same level.

This is a situational ability on its own, but when paired with the Tempest Domain cleric subclass, which may increase the damage of any spell that deals damage, it becomes much more intriguing. A Scribes wizard with two levels in Tempest Cleric may suddenly transform practically any potent spell in their toolbox into one that does lightning damage and causes massive damage without ever losing their ability to cast spells.

What the Lord of Thunder Excels in

  • You get a massive damage output.
  • The build is complete as early as 4th-level.
  • You get access to both Arcane and Divine spells.

Full build details:

Race: Human

Class: Cleric (Tempest) + Wizard (Scribe)

Stats: Intelligence > Wisdom > Everything else

Feats: War Caster & Elemental Adept

Equipment: Medium armor

16. The Cursed Sniper

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (10)

The Hexblade Warlock is a martially oriented patron designed with the Charisma stat in mind.

It may appear to be a strange multiclass with a fighter, but at higher levels, the build can do damage that will make your eyes wet. The fighter performs more attacks than any other class, and the Hexblade receives several boosts that improve damage on each attack.

What the Cursed Sniper Excels In

  • The character can increase each hit's damage by 1d6 + their Proficiency Bonus by stacking the effects of the Hex spell and the Curse feature of the Hexblade on a single target. With a hand crossbow, the Crossbow Expert feat, and eleven fighter levels, they may apply that damage to four attacks on the majority of turns, decimating most opponents.
  • You rely only on Charisma for both your melee and ranged attacks.
  • You get Spells and weapons that add versatility in and out of combat

Full build details:

Race: Human (Variant)

Class: Warlock (Hexblade) + Fighter (Battle Master)

Stats: Charisma > Everything else

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Feats: Crossbow Expert & Sharpshooter

Equipment: Heavy armor.

15. The Wombo Combo!

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (11)

Once a humble blacksmith, our artificer made a breakthrough in the archano-mechanical world. They now dodge those who wish to steal their research, always together with their newest creation, a faithful hound with a heart of steel.

The “Wombo-Combo” is a fun name for a build that makes the most out of the Battle Smith from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. We’re going to play around with our Steel Defender to become an unbeatable duo!

A master of technology and teamwork, the Wombo-Combo brings a lot of utility to the table with the beautiful partnership of man and machine.

What the Wombo-Combo Excels in

  • Single Stat Dependency. By infusing our weapons, the Wombo-Combo can rely solely on their Intelligence for attack and damage rolls!
  • Multitasking. Our Steel Defender acts as an extension of ourselves, thus we can essentially have two characters at the same time that take teamwork to a whole different level.
  • Locking down foes. By focusing on a single foe at a time, the Wombo-Combo can easily take down foes with deadly efficiency.

Full build details:

Race: High Elf.

Class: Artificer (Battle Smith)

Stats: Intelligence > Dexterity > Constitution > Everything else.

Feats: Warcaster & Sharpshooter.

Equipment: Crossbows & Light armor.

14. The Blurred fist.

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (12)

Pushing their reflexes to the limit, our monk has trained their body to achieve great displays of speed. They wander the land seeking to perfect their skill at an outstanding rate, usually leaving their foes wondering what hit them.

The blurred fist is a catchy name for this monk build, which is one of my personal favorites. This build focuses on increasing our walking speed as much as we can to dominate the battlefield. It is worthy of note that feats are an optional rule in 5e, so make sure your DM allows them before building your blurred fist.

What the Blurred Fist Excels In:

  • Increasing our speed allows us to participate in combat more actively, for we can run from foe to foe in the blink of an eye. This means you’ll have a movement speed of at least 60 feet which will allow you to cross great distances in a single turn.
  • Thanks to our feat selection, we will be putting out large amounts of damage in a relatively safe way. Now you can rain pain upon your foes like a tornado!
  • By reaching increasingly higher speeds we can get away with incredible feats…like poking a sleeping dragon and getting out of its cave before it breathes fiery doom.

Full build details:

Race: Wood Elf.

Class: Monk (Way of the Open Hand).

Stats: Dexterity > Wisdom > Constitution > Everything else.

Feats: Mobile & Charger.

Equipment: Darts as a ranged weapon.

13. The Bearbarian.

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (13)

Once a raider from the cold wastes, our Barbarian found enlightenment in the breath of the wild and spiritual growth. They look back to the friends they found in the beasts of the forest, but growl as the peace they worked so hard for is finally shattered…and it angers them.

This catchy wordplay works for this druid-barbarian multiclass. This multiclass gives us access to a plethora of options, but we’re going to focus on combining the destructive force of a barbarian’s rage with the shape-shifting powers of a circle of the Moon druid.

We postpone picking our barbarian primal path for access to the Combat Wild Shape feature from the druid class. This build also gives us some more utility outside of combat and an extremely powerful beast form that will benefit from our rage.

What the Bearbarian Excels in

  • Access to Combat Wild Shape gives our bearbarian the ability to rage and transform into a beast in combat. This means you’ll essentially have more Hit Points since you’ll assume the beast’s statistics, and any exceeding damage that takes you to 0 will just carry over to your normal Hit Points.
  • Since you retain your class features while in beast shape, your damage resistance from raging, as well as your unarmored defense, carry over into your Wild Shape.
  • Our dip intro druid means that we’ll have more utility, damage and healing spells otherwise outside of our grasp.

Full build details:

Race: Firbolg.

Class: Barbarian 3 (bear totem), Druid 17 (Circle of the Moon).

Stats: Wisdom > Strength > Constitution > Dexterity > Charisma > Intelligence.

Feats: We recommend taking Ability Score Increases instead.

Equipment: Two-handed weapons & no armor.

12. The Castigator

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (14)

A devout follower of the goddess of magic, our cleric found salvation in the teachings of the scriptures and growth through the art of magic. When horrors plot to tarnish the magic they have sworn to protect, divine judgment descends upon them.

The Castigator is a very powerful build that focuses on the Arcana Domain from the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. The Arcana Domain gives us the ability to cast some spells from the wizard class, bolstering our already powerful repertoire.

We’ll play around with the Crusher and Warcaster feats, so make sure your Dungeon Master allows them if you want to play the Castigator.

What the Castigator Excels In:

  • The Arcana domain gives your cleric two cantrips from the wizard spell list which you can cast with your wisdom, giving you more tools to play with.
  • We’ll pick the Booming Blade cantrip. This, combined with the Spiritual Weapon and Spirit Guardians spells lets you output a whole world of hurt.
  • Right in the vanguard is where the Castigator shines. This means your cleric will be the wall between the foes and the party, and with you at the front, victory is assured.

Full build details:

Race: Hill Dwarf.

Class: Cleric (Arcane Domain).

Stats: Wisdom > Strength > Constitution > Everything else.

Feats: Warcaster & Crusher.

Equipment: Medium Armor & Shield.

11. The Sorcadin

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (15)

Capable of impossible things since birth, our paladin discovered they were blessed by their deity from a young age. Now, they endeavor to nurture that gift and spread the word of their god across the land.

The “Sorcadin” is a wordplay for this paladin – sorcerer multiclass. The multiclass broadens our options by a lot, but we’re going to focus on combining the powerful ability to smite their foes of the paladin with the reliable casting of the divine soul sorcerer from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

We postpone our Extra Attack feature in exchange for buffs and smite fuel from the sorcerer spell list. This build also gains us access to an emergency buff, Meta-magic, and more.

Since multiclassing is an optional rule in 5th edition, make sure your table uses it before making a sorcadin.

What the Sorcadin Excels in

  • Smite for days! Since the paladin’s Divine Smite feature uses spell slots as its fuel, multiclassing into sorcerer greatly increases the amount of smites we can do in a day.
  • Paladins don’t usually get cantrips, multiclassing lets us pick some for more ranged options as well as to bolster our melee ferocity.
  • A single level of Divine Soul sorcerer gives us access to the shield spell and the ability to add 2d4 to a saving throw once per rest!

Full build details:

Race: Half-elf.

Class: Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 6, Sorcerer (Divine Soul) 14

Stats: Strength > Charisma > Constitution > Everything else.

Feats: Warcaster.

Equipment: Heavy armor & two-handed weapons.

10. The Eldritch Battery.

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (16)

Be not afraid, said the non-Euclidean angel which revealed itself to our Warlock. After that fateful meeting, they unlocked the divinity kept within them, wielding magic from the outside as well as from the inside.

The Eldritch Battery is a Sorcerer–Warlock multiclass, which is probably the most complicated out of the five builds.

We exchange some of our spell progression for better healing capabilities as well as a considerable boost to our spells per day.

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Keep in mind that multiclassing is an optional rule in 5th edition, so make sure that your table allows it before building your Eldritch Battery.

What the Eldritch Battery Excels in

  • Multiclassing into sorcerer gives our Eldritch Battery 4 new cantrips to play with as well as 2 more spells.
  • By taking some levels in sorcerer, we can now convert our warlock spell slots into sorcery points and then into sorcerer spell slots after every short rest.
  • Unlike most spellcasters, the Eldritch Battery can go on longer without a proper full rest thanks to its ability to recycle its warlock spells slots.

Full build details:

Race: Half-elf.

Class: Warlock (Celestial patron) 18, Sorcerer (Divine soul) 2.

Stats: Charisma > Dexterity > Everything else.

Feats: War Caster & Resilient.

Equipment: Light armor.

9. The Constellation.

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (17)

Once an astronomer, our druid found solace far beyond the sky’s rim. Now one with the starlit patterns that draw the universe, they harness the powers of the cosmos

The “Constellation” is a powerful all-rounder build that has both offense, defense, and support packed into a powerful spell-caster that dominates the battlefield with the Circle of Stars from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

If you enjoy supporting your party and throwing spells left and right, the “Constellation” is the right build for you.

What the Constellation Excels in.

  • By harnessing the power of a life-giving constellation, our healing spells can heal an extra target!
  • Just by picking the circle of Stars, we get a powerful spellcasting focus that lets us cast Guiding Bolt without expending spell slots a couple of times before resting!

Full build details:

Race: Wood Elf.

Class: Druid (Circle of the Stars).

Stats: Wisdom > Dexterity > Everything else.

Feats: Warcaster & Resilient.

Equipment: Light or medium armor & Shield.

8. The Beast Within.

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (18)

Here it is, the most potent melee build for the Blood hunter.

The “Beast Within” makes the most out of the Order of the Lycan features…and it lets you be a freaking werewolf! (or werebeaver, if that’s what you’re into).

Besides making for some interesting roleplaying, this subclass gives you a bonus to AC, damage resistances like a barbarian, a reliable, two-weapon fighting-like style of combat that is compatible with your crimson rite, and tons more.

As you level up, the drawbacks from the subclass become insignificant if you want to go Dexterity-based.

There is no way to go wrong with the Order of the Lycan, you just need to pick a race that increases your Dexterity and either Wisdom or Constitution.

We recommend picking either Wood Elf or Stout Halfling.

What the Beast Within Excels In:

  • As the name implies, you get to on the form of a Lycanthrope!
  • Reliable damage output and tons of endurance.
  • Sporadic urges to howl at the moon.

Full build details:

Race: Wood Elf or Stout Halfling.

Class: Blood Hunter, Order of the Lycan.

Stats: Dexterity > Constitution > Wisdom > Everything else.

Equipment: Light armor.

Feats: If your game uses feats then Tough is an excellent choice to further increase your endurance.

7. The Walking Stick.

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (19)

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything made bladesingers an amazing multiclass choice thanks to their front-loaded kit.

Since the tradition was developed by elves, we can’t avoid thinking of it as a Dexterity-centric class, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s where the “Walking Stick” comes in. By multiclassing Battle Smith Artificer with Bladesinging wizard, you can have a Single Attribute Dependant combatant who whacks the life out of their enemies with their cane.

Take three levels in Battle Smith Artificer. With these changes, you gain the ability to enchant your weapon of choice (a quarterstaff for this build), a powerful companion in the form of the Steel Defender, and the ability to make your melee attacks use Intelligence!

But wait, there’s more! By picking up the Polearm Master feat you can now attack with your bonus action with your quarterstaff as well as the ability to make opportunity attacks against foes who enter your reach.

By the time you grab warcaster, enemies will fear even going near you since you can now strike them with spells when they come close to you!

What the Walking Stick Excels In:

  • All you need to make this build work wonders is a high Intelligence score!
  • With the Steel Defender and a Familiar, you’ll have a little army of your own.

Full build details:

Race: Variant Human for the bonus feat at 1st level.

Class: Battle Smith Artificer from levels 1 to 3, then take your first level in wizard. From here on, you’ll only be taking levels in the wizard class.

Feats: Polearm Master & Warcaster.

Stats: Intelligence > Everything else.

Equipment: Light armor & Quarterstaff.

Main Spells: Booming Blade, Green Flame blade, Spirit Shroud.

6. The Cannoneer

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (20)

An adept at hurling energy, projectile, and explosions on the battlefield, our artificer feels right at home in the middle of a warzone.

The “Cannoneer” is a classic blaster build that takes advantage of 5th edition’s action economy to dish out as much damage as it can.

We’ll be using the Artillerist from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything to get ourselves a powerful turret that complements our battle style.

What the Cannoneer Excels in

  • The Eldritch Cannon feature requires a bonus action to activate, meaning that we’ll always have something to do to maximize our turns.
  • Cantrips are a Cannoneer’s best friend, letting us hurl which damage our foes hate the most.
  • While powerful at range, the Cannoneer loses none of the artificer’s main draw, their ability to adapt to many situations.

Full build details:

Race: Owlin.

Class: Artificer (Artillerist).

Stats: Intelligence > Dexterity > Everything else.

Feats: Spell Sniper & Elemental adept.

Equipment: Light armor since medium armor hampers our flight.

5. The Shadow Stalker

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (21)

No longer truly sane, our monk opened their mind to the void between the stars…and it listened. They now hear its ceaseless whispers as the shadows of the void creep ever closer.

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The Shadow Stalker build will probably be the most complex of the five builds (although not too much). We will have to multiclass to do it, so check with your DM beforehand if it’s allowed. We’re going to focus on combining the Way of the Shadow with the Warlock class.

We will exchange some of our monk progression for access to magic spells to boost our arsenal, and most importantly, eldritch invocations. This build also gains us a familiar who can serve as a loyal scout and even a companion in combat.

It is important to keep in mind that this build will require a three-level dip into the Warlock class, so make sure your campaign is going to last enough sessions to truly enjoy its potential.

What the Shadow Stalker Excels In.

  • We’ll make liberal use of the Darkness spell, letting you pummel down your foes without them even knowing what is happening.
  • Our dip in Warlock gives you the ability to cast spells and choose eldritch invocations. Now your monk can blast their foes with magic and whisper into the minds of others.
  • This build focuses on toying around with the darkness spell, so your Monk is going to be more than capable of keeping it going!

Full build details:

Race: Half-elf.

Class: Warlock (Great Old One & Pact of the Chain) 3, Monk (Way of Shadow) 17.

Stats: Dexterity > Charisma > Constitution > Wisdom > Everything else.

Feats: Warcaster & Resilient.

Equipment: You won’t need weapons or armor with this build.

4. The Wrathful Angel

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (22)

Delivering divine judgment on those that dare mock the word of their god, our barbarian cleaves a path through the horde of heretics that stand in their path. The Wrathful Angel is a barbarian who brings the ire of the gods to bear.

We will focus on raising our damage to match our holy (or unholy) wrath by picking the Zealot, a primal path from Xanathar's Guide to Everything. The Zealot gives our barbarian a notable increase in damage which allows them to eradicate their foes swiftly. As you gain levels, you will also be able to punish your foes from beyond 0 Hit Points.

What the Wrathful Angel Excels In

  • While raging, our first attack every turn gets a powerful damage bonus damage which, combined with a two-handed weapon, amounts to large piles of bodies at your barbarian’s feet.
  • With this build, our barbarian will become resistant to both radiant and necrotic damage. This means you’ll stay on your feet longer when facing off a wider array of foes!
  • As you gain levels, you’ll unlock the ability to facilitate your resurrection as well as simply ignore the fact that you should be dying for a bit.

Full build details:

Race: Fallen Aasimar.

Class: Barbarian (Path of the Zealot).

Stats: Strength > Constitution > Everything else.

Feats: Great Weapon Master & Tough.

Equipment: Two-handed weapons and light or medium armor.

3. The Bladelock.

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (23)

Cleaving through foes with their glaive as often as they vaporize them with a spell, the “Bladelock” is a fun build that focuses on dominating the battlefield as a frontline battler.

By selecting the Hexblade patron from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, we get rid of the melee warlock’s multi-attribute dependence and can focus strictly on charisma for combat. As you gain more levels, you will grow your repertoire of options and can mix and match your play style.

What the Bladelock Excels In

  • While the Pact of the Blade was always available, now our Bladelock can rush into the field of battle relying only on their ferocity!
  • The Hexblade patron gives our Bladelock medium armor and shield proficiencies. This means that you’ll have 16 to 18 Armor Class (AC) depending on your ability scores.
  • Rather than using Eldritch Blast as your main source of damage, you can choose how to engage your enemy in a way that benefits you!

Full build details:

Race: Tiefling (Bloodline of Levistus).

Class: Warlock (Hexblade Patron).

Stats: Charisma > Constitution > Dexterity > Everything else.

Feats: Warcaster & Resilient.

Equipment: Medium Armor & Shield.

2. The Speartan.

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (24)

Withstanding a crashing wave of foes as they protect the path of the Thermopylae as they pierce the only hope of their enemies is where the “Speartan” shines the most.

The “Speartan” is a fun nickname for this powerful fighter build that focuses on locking down foes in melee combat, striking them to death with unrelenting strikes as they struggle to beat your Armor Class!

With the Polearm Master feat, we can punish foes that enter our melee reach with an opportunity attack, and even use our bonus action to make an extra attack with the butt of our weapon.

This only becomes better and better by choosing the Battle Master archetype at level 3. Maneuvers broaden our combat versatility by turning our attacks into tools to dominate the battlefield.

Since we can only choose the Maneuvers are level 3, we recommend choosing Trip Attack, Goading Attack, and Bait and Switch since they complement the “Speartan” build nicely.

Once you reach level 4, the Sentinel field will turn you into the ultimate wall that your allies can rely on.

What the Speartan Excels in.

  • By combining the Polearm Master and Sentinel feats, you can deny foes access to allies you protect.
  • If your game uses feats and variant human, you can enjoy the core gist of this built as early as level 1!
  • Combat maneuvers give us an ocean of possibilities to alter the flow of battle.

Full build details:

Race: Variant Human for the 1st level feat.

Class: Fighter (Battlemaster).

Stats: Strength > Constitution > Everything else.

Feats: Polearm Master & Sentinel.

Equipment: Heavy Armor, Shields & spear.

1. The Time Lord.

[Top 25] D&D Most Powerful Builds That Are Fun To Play (25)

Fun, straightforward, and the bane of all dungeon masters, the “Timelord” is a powerful wizard build that specializes in modifying the outcome of dice rolls to your advantage!

By enrolling our Halfling into a wizardry school, grabbing a doctorate in either Divination or Chronurgy, work our way towards the lucky feat and dedicate most of our spell slots for casting silvery barbs.

What the Time Lord Excels In

  • More often than not, a single die roll can change the outcome of the whole campaign, don’t let it be up to luck!
  • Sure, everyone likes flight or throwing fireballs, but no wizard is as appreciated as the one that uplifts their allies by making their attacks land.

Full build details:

Race: Stout Halfling.

Class: Wizard (Divination or Chronurgy schools)

Stats: Intelligence > Everything else.

Feats: Lucky & Bountiful Luck (Racial feat).

Equipment: A crystal ball for dramatic effect.

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What is the most powerful character build in D&D? ›

The most overpowered DnD build of all is the Bear-barian; a druid barbarian multiclass that can tank almost anything. For this DnD build players will be starting with a druid, taking Circle of the Moon at level two to allow them to Wild Shape as a bonus action and for better choices for combat Wild Shapes.

What is the strongest D&D 5e build? ›

The best D&D 5E character builds are:

Human Polearm Fighter. Warforged Cleric. Aasimar Redeemer Paladin.

What is the strongest class at level 20 D&D? ›

Being able to cast any spell for free once per long rest (or otherwise having their wildest wishes granted) makes Wizards undoubtedly the most powerful class in Dungeons & Dragons, especially upon reaching level 20.

What is the easiest class to play DnD? ›

Dungeons and Dragons: Easiest Classes For New Players
  1. 1 Barbarian.
  2. 2 Fighter. ...
  3. 3 Paladin. ...
  4. 4 Ranger. ...
  5. 5 Bard. While Bard can be a little difficult to get started with, it's a great class for those that want to see some action during combat, but don't necessarily want to be on the front lines. ...
Sep 12, 2019

What is the most badass class in DND? ›

The paladin is perhaps the most powerful combatant of all of D&D 5e's classes. It combines the best aspects of the fighter and cleric into a single character. Paladins get a fighter's weapons, spellcasting like a cleric, and several unique features.

Who is the highest God in D&D? ›

If knowledge is power, then Oghma would be the most powerful god in the Dungeons & Dragons pantheon. Despite his relative lack of any divine power, especially when it comes to gods that command elements or rule over regions of the cosmos, Oghma is a favorite of storytellers, inventors, and scholars as well as mages.

What is the most broken multiclass in D&D? ›

The warlock and sorcerer are one of D&D 5e's most infamous multiclass combos. A build combining the two is often dubbed the "coffeelock." This build takes advantage of the warlock's ability to regain spell slots on a short rest and the D&D sorcerer's ability to convert spell slots into sorcery points.

What is the strongest damage type in DND? ›

1 Magical Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing

In all of the monster manual, there is but one creature who is resistant to magical weapons. None are immune or vulnerable. Magic weapons provide the most reliable damage type in the game, bar none.

What is the strongest subclass in DnD 5e? ›

Dungeons & Dragons: 13 Best Subclasses From 5e Expansions
  1. 1 Rogue: Phantom. Party Role: Damage.
  2. 2 Cleric: Death Domain. Party Role: Damage, Healing. ...
  3. 3 Warlock: Hexblade. ...
  4. 4 Ranger: Horizon Walker Conclave. ...
  5. 5 Barbarian: The Path of the Zealot. ...
  6. 6 Paladin: The Oathbreaker. ...
  7. 7 Sorcerer: Divine Soul. ...
  8. 8 Druid: Circle Of Spores. ...
May 26, 2023

What is the most used class in DnD? ›

The most popular DnD class is the Fighter. It's a straightforward class that packs a lot of power, and it's very beginner-friendly. Druids on the other hand are the least popular class to play in DnD.

What is the fastest class in D&D? ›

The fastest a character can be without spells would be a Monk with the mobile feat dashing. Monks in 5th edition gain a bonus to their movement up to 30ft. Wood Elves have the fastest move speed on the ground with 35, already giving our punchy boy a 65 ft per turn. With the mobile feat it becomes 75 feet.

What is the weakest DnD class? ›

Monks are generally considered the 'weakest' class in DnD 5e, with low AC until the late game (when monsters have huge attack bonuses anyway), low damage dice (levels 1-4 being the apex in terms of damage compared to other martial classes) and being far too resource intensive.

What is the smartest class in DnD? ›

1- Wizards: academic intelligence. 2- Rogued: cunning intelligence. 3- Bards: empiric intelligence.

Who is the strongest evil character in DnD? ›

8 Strongest D&D Villains, Ranked
  • 8 Xanathar.
  • 7 Jarlaxle Baenre.
  • 6 Strahd Von Zarovich.
  • 5 Orcus.
  • 4 Zariel.
  • 3 Demogorgon.
  • 2 Vecna.
  • 1 Tiamat.
Mar 15, 2023

What is the weakest god in D&D? ›

Demigods. They are the weakest of the deities, and are able to grant spells and perform a few deeds that are beyond mortal limits. Lesser deities. These entities can perform more powerful deeds than demigods can, and have keener senses where their portfolios are concerned.

Who is most powerful god? ›

Indra also called Śakra, the supreme god, is the first of the 33, followed by Agni.

What is the strongest dragon class in DnD? ›

15 Ancient White Dragons Are Primal Hunters

Ancient dragon remains the highest status most dragons can get, achieved by living and growing for a long time, becoming more dangerous with every year. Ancient white dragons are the most powerful of the primal and predatory white dragons.

What D&D class has the highest charisma? ›

Warlocks are a class known for their traditionally high charisma which they utilize in order to cast spells.

What is the most versatile class in D&D 5e? ›

Bards are very deliberately the best D&D class for versatility. They are very hard to specialize, as they don't lean in any one particular direction.

What character is best to multiclass with? ›

To those who plan on Multiclassing, ideal options to consider include Artificer-Cleric, Barbarian-Fighter, and Bard-Paladin Multiclasses to maximize both survival and utility offerings.

What level is best to multiclass? ›

It is commonly recommended to hold off on multiclassing until you reach at least level 5 in your base class.
  • In an ongoing campaign, when you can multiclass will be largely decided based on your DMs leveling structure. ...
  • Once you have met those requirements, you're free to start diving in!
Mar 8, 2021

What is the least common race class combo in DnD? ›

The 5 Least Played Races In Dungeons and Dragons
  1. Aasimar.
  2. Aarakocra. ...
  3. Goliath. Goliaths take the number 3 spot on this list. ...
  4. Gnome. The fourth least popular race according to DnD Beyond is the gnome. ...
  5. Half-Orc. The fifth least popular race according to DnD Beyond is the half-orc. ...

What is the rarest damage resistance in D&D? ›

force is the least common resistance and vulnerability. This makes force by far the most reliable type of damage.

Is radiant or necrotic better? ›

Radiant is generally more useful than necrotic because many undead suffer some type of increased effect from radiant and/or have resistance to necrotic, and almost nothing is resistant to radiant, but in campaign set in Hell it won't make much difference.

What is the strongest fighter subclass? ›

Dungeons & Dragons: Fighter Subclasses Ranked From Least To Most Powerful
  • 8 Champion.
  • 7 Psi Warrior.
  • 6 Cavalier.
  • 5 Samurai.
  • 4 Eldritch Knight.
  • 3 Rune Knight.
  • 2 Echo Knight.
  • 1 Battle Master.
Dec 16, 2022

What is the most useful language in DnD? ›

1. Commonspeech. Commonspeech, Common Tongue, or simply Common is, by far, the most common language in the world of DnD. Commonspeech is a universal language used by a lot of different humanoid races and other creatures for diplomacy, commerce, and trading.

What is the easiest class to play in 5e? ›

Easiest: the champion fighter. Fighters are traditionally considered the easiest class to play. In 5e, the champion build requires the fewest decisions during play, as the abilities you gain through that build simply happen, without much need to weigh options.

What is the most mobile character in D&D? ›

Monks are a class that excels regardless of their equipment, not requiring the use of armor or weapons to deal damage or avoid a foe's attacks. Gaining additional movement as they level up, Monks are notably the most mobile class in D&D, able to get into close quarters with a foe rather easily.

How fast is a DnD character in mph? ›

The easiest answer is that your MPH is your Movement Speed divided by 10. So, a normal humanoid (speed 30), travels at 3 miles per hour.

What is the weakest animal in D&D? ›

Lemures aren't just the lowest class of devil in D&D, but one of the weakest monsters in the entire game. While lemures may be immune to fire and poison, their pitiful Armor Class of 7 allows characters of all forms to land blows against them with ease.

What are the strongest DnD stats? ›

Making an impact on everything from Armor Class to Initiative, Dexterity is clearly the most important Ability Score in Dungeons & Dragons. Every Dungeons & Dragons character is different, and this has a lot to do with D&D's six ability scores.

Which class gets the most spells? ›

The classes that get the most spell slots are:
  • Bard.
  • Cleric.
  • Druid.
  • Sorcerer.
  • Wizard.

What classes rely on intelligence? ›

Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature, and Religion are all tied to Intelligence.

What is the highest power level in DND? ›

At level 20, D&D characters become nearly godlike, but some classes boast stronger high-level features than others. Level 20 is a rare threshold in Dungeons & Dragons, where players pretty much turn into gods.

Who is the most powerful NPC in D&D? ›

Vecna, popular across the multiverse as the Chained God, serves as one of the most powerful entities in all of Dungeons & Dragons.

Is there a max HP in DND? ›

At level one, a character's maximum hit points is the maximum roll of their class's hit die plus their Constitution modifier. The barbarian class's hit die is a d12, and its maximum roll is 12. Your hit point maximum is 8. So, your hit point maximum is 8.

How many levels is 10,000 XP in dnd? ›

Level and XP progression
Character LevelExperience NeededCross Skill Max Ranks
16 more rows

Can you level beyond 20 dnd? ›

After a character hits level 20 in the Adventurer's Guild, they can keep growing in power through Epic Boons and Ability Score Improvements. A list of Epic Boons is included in this document.

What is the most popular race class in DnD? ›

It's also worth noting that previous reports have suggested that Humans are the most popular race among D&D players. That also means that the most common character choice in D&D is…a Human Fighter.

What is the fastest class in DnD? ›

The fastest a character can be without spells would be a Monk with the mobile feat dashing. Monks in 5th edition gain a bonus to their movement up to 30ft. Wood Elves have the fastest move speed on the ground with 35, already giving our punchy boy a 65 ft per turn. With the mobile feat it becomes 75 feet.

Who is the god in D&D? ›

Core D&D-pantheons

Garl Glittergold, god of gnomes, humor, and gemcutting (also a demihuman power). Gruumsh, god of orcs (also a monster power). Nerull, god of death, darkness, murder and the underworld. Pelor, god of sun, light, strength and healing.

Who is #1 D&D villain? ›

1 Strahd Von Zarovich Holds His Entire Campaign Together

Strahd von Zarovich is one of the most iconic antagonists in all of Dungeons & Dragons, dating back to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.


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