May 2023 - Your guide to unlocking some me-time | Leaping Bunny (2023)

Sometimes you just need a tiny respite from the grind, and self-care with special beauty products is an easy way to indulge. Read on for the favorites we turn to when we want to unwind. Did you know we also have a YouTube channel? Get the link below and grab some popcorn! Also, this month we offer some incredible discounts (think 50% off!) in our exclusive promos at the end of the enews.

A Little TLC

From busy schedules, to the demands of caring for kids and pets, it can be difficult to carve out time for ourselves. But, it is so important, if only for a few minutes, to do a little something to recharge. This month, we are sharing our favorite cruelty-free ways we give ourselves the much-needed TLC we need and deserve.

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Fekkai Shea Butter Intense Mask

As a new mom of an almost six-month-old (time flies!), finding time for pampering is nonexistent. While I’m not complaining at all, it can be difficult to do any type of styling on my naturally curly hair, as my preferred method for years has been to blow-dry it straight. In the recent past when I have let my hair dry naturally, my curls are not as defined and bouncy as they once were and are often frizzy. Enter Fekkai’s Shea Butter Intense Mask. I began using it in place of conditioner to really infuse my dry hair with moisture and decided to see how my hair would look afterwards if I let it dry naturally. The results were incredible! My curly hair has not looked so good in years, and I am constantly receiving compliments. I love this mask, not only because it truly brings out my natural curls, but also because it makes me feel like I am treating myself to a little self-care. The mask is thick (a little goes a long way), feels so good in my hair without being greasy at all, and provides an olfactory experience with warm, tropical coconutty fragrance. To put it mildly, I am obsessed. –Caitlin

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Henna Color Lab Wine Red Henna Hair Dye

When it comes to pampering, it's a fresh hair coloring for me! Typically, walking out of a hair salon gives you that "Ahhhh"-feeling, and there's nothing like it for a reboot. I love that I can get that same vibe from Henna Color Lab without having to leave the house! I've become quite the veteran with this stuff: I prep the area; put a little henna powder in a container, grab some gloves, and dive in. Wine red is my go-to. It kicks my ho-hum dark brown hair up a few levels, giving it a rich auburn color, with some cherry highlights, and covers some pesky grays. Really makes my hair look polished and does wonders for my mood! –Maria

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LULA Review Beyond Balm and Potion Serum

As a mom with a full-time job, major pampering is just not in the cards on a regular basis. I have, however, found ways to incorporate daily indulgences into my routine, and one of my favorites is my nighttime moisturizing ritual with LULA’s Beyond Balm and Potion Serum. I cannot say enough about these gems. The Potion Serum is a lavish herbal concoction of 14 active botanicals that work to calm, nourish, and treat skin. The Beyond Balm is a melty rich salve that locks in moisture. Both products smell amazing. To carve out my little slice of tranquility before going to sleep, first I massage a few drops of the Potion Serum onto my face, inhaling the wonderful aroma. I then slather on a pea-sized dollop of Beyond Balm, which instantly melts into my skin, while enjoying its light fragrance. In the morning, my skin looks refreshed and feels amazing. It’s all about the little things… –Kim


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New Companies

This month boasts a wide selection of product lines inspired by nature and perfect for self-care, as well as a couple celebrity brands. Check out some of our most recently certified companies below and be sure to click on their links to learn more.

Aromas Paradise
Company revolutionizing the world of home and business scenting with exclusive essential aroma oils to transform your home or business into a paradise.

emu (everyone must use)
Hand sanitizer expertly formulated with their own cleansing, moisturizing, refreshing blend infused with top-quality ingredients like aloe vera, Vitamin E, and essential oils.

Libertine Fragrance
Fragrance that takes an artful, human approach to scent making.

Mad Rabbit
Simple, universal tattoo aftercare and daily tattoo skincare products that focus on high-quality, clean ingredients for uncompromising results.

Marylia Scott Cosmetics
Intensely pigmented, vegan cosmetics.

NOT!CE Hair Co
Hair care company defining the “trinity of hair care” by honoring ego, experience, and noticeable results.

Poppy Botanicals
Herbal skincare care company aiming to educate and empower others through the healing nature of plants.

RA Cosmetics
Natural and organic skin and hair care brand specializing in 100% African Shea Butter and natural black soap.

Rinna Beauty
Lisa Rinna’s very own beauty brand.

RŌZ Hair
Pronounced “Rose; high-performing hair care and styling essentials rooted in nature.

Schoppee Farm
8th generation owned and operated farm committed to creating only the purest USDA certified organic hemp products.

SWISS 1876
Skin care brand that infuses CBD into cosmeceutical products with the mission to offer the benefits of CBD to improve one’s quality of life.

Uncommon Beauty
Clean, minimalistic skincare brand of Kristin Cavallari that is vegan, gluten-free, and fragrance-free.

Watering Soule
High-quality, all-natural shower steamers infused with essential oils to create a spa-like experience.

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Company Spotlight: Bubble Beauty

This month, we are excited to interview Jessaline Orlansky, Head of Product and Packaging Development for Bubble Beauty. This company has such a fun, fresh approach to skin care and we are so excited to learn more about them. Read below and discover the inspiration behind the brand, name, packaging, and more!

What was the inspiration behind the creation of Bubble?
Bubble was created to fill the white space in the skincare aisles for young consumers. Our CEO and Founder, Shai Eisenman, walked through the aisles of Walmart, CVS, Sephora, and ULTAs of the world and realized that there are so many product choices for consumers looking to spend $30+, but when you looked at the traditional skincare aisles in big-name retailers for under $20, there was little-to-no innovation. Bubble was created to help fill that void; to create efficacious, non-toxic, clean, vegan, cruelly-free products, with a fun and inspired packaging experience.

What is Bubble’s mission?
To create and educate on the importance of skincare. Bubble is plant based, science backed, and dermatologically tested for products that work without breaking the bank or disrupting your skin barrier.

Is there a story behind the name of your company?
Bubbles are transparent, fun, clear, and extremely memorable - which felt just perfect for what we were trying to create. We deliberated with our community of nearly 5,000 Gen Zers and decided that Bubble was the perfect name for us.

Your packaging is so fun and eye catching! Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the branding?
While Bubble was being created we recognized that consumers were being asked to compromise on products that were either effective and boring to look at, or they had fun branding and eye catching packaging, but didn't work or worse, maybe cause skin flare ups and breakout. We wanted to do both. We wanted to prove that clinical skincare doesn't need to be boring. The packaging and design is meant to be fun and friendly - something you want to show off, but also know it will work.

What efforts do you take to be a sustainable company?
We currently use Terracycle as our recycling program and we also work with Eco Drive, where we plant a tree for each purchase to help offset carbon emissions.

What is your favorite Bubble product and why?
That's like being asked to choose my favorite kid! I love them all, but personally my skin loves Slam Dunk for its rich hydration without clogging my pores, as well as Deep Dive. It gives me instant glowing, smooth and soft skin, without making it red or irritated.

What is Bubble’s most popular product?
Slam Dunk has taken off in an amazing way, it was truly word of mouth through our community first, and then went viral on TikTok and now everyone is learning what we already knew - it's an incredible moisturizer at an incredible price.

What has been the most rewarding part of working for Bubble?
Working alongside Shai, our founder and CEO, along with our community to bring the highest quality products to life that historically were really only available at very high price points. We have democratized skincare, and now everyone can experience a luxuriously made product.

What has been the most surprising part of working for Bubble?
Initially, when the original core products were being developed, we thought "OK, these are products for young skin" but as we tested them religiously, we realized how effective they really were for all skin types. We created a brand that was originally meant to make space in the youthful skin marketplace, but what we developed went much deeper than that and it's been so rewarding.

Are all of Bubble’s products vegan?
Yes, they are. It has always been important to us to use plant based or science backed synthetics.

Why is being Leaping Bunny certified important to Bubble?
We know that consumers look for the Leaping Bunny Logo when shopping for cruelty-free, animal safe products. It is the gold standard.

What is something unique about Bubble that others may not know?
We know how important skin health is but mental health is equally, if not more important. We also know the two can go hand in hand which is why we donate 1% of sales to multiple nonprofit organizations that provide mental health support to teens and young adults. We also have an incredibly engaged community of brand ambassadors who help us every step of the way when we are creating new products. They test formulas pre approval, they weigh in on colors and names, even on which products they want to see next.

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Shop Bubble Beauty

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